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Joseph Kiel is an author from another dimension and writes tales about a mysterious seaside town called Dark Harbour amongst other stuff.

Dark Harbour Part 3 by Joseph Kiel
On the 17th of July last year I started writing the first words of the final book of the Dark Harbour trilogy. I am delighted to announce that today, exactly nine months on, I have now completed the first draft. I always knew that this book was going to be […]

Completing The Dark Harbour Trilogy

broken melody: a twisted vampire tale
Yes, I realise that that’s what the world needs right now, another book about vampires. But listen, this Broken Melody one is different. Trust me… Okay, so you know what? Maybe it isn’t that different. But people will still read it, because you know why? Because vampires! Because blood! And […]

Broken Melody: The New Vampire Book on the Block

Continuing my findings as a first-time author… If you didn’t read Part 1 then make sure to check that out too. So let’s continue with The top 10 things I’ve discovered through self-publishing. 6. The best way to promote your book is probably through making it free. This is where […]

The Findings of a First-Time Author (Part 2)

Joseph Kiel's "Dark Harbour: The Tale of the Soul Searcher" on the Amazon Kindle 1
It’s been almost 18 months since I self-published my first novel on Amazon and so I thought I would write a blog on the experience of dipping my toes into the great publishing ocean, and hopefully give some help and pointers for other authors, especially unpublished writers who are thinking […]

The Findings of a First-Time Author (Part 1)

I am really excited to announce that my new book, Dark Harbour: The Tale of the Night Shiner, has now been released. You can check it out now on Amazon where it is available as an eBook or as a paperback. The cover, as I mentioned before, was designed by […]

The Night Shiner Beast is Released…

Designing the cover to the new Dark Harbour book.
So it seems it’s generally agreed with people that 2016 was, quite rightly, a disaster. While all the great celebrities were dying and people were getting all crazy by voting for jokers, I decided to shut myself off from the world and focus on completing my next Dark Harbour book. […]

News on the New Dark Harbour Book!

During my October promo campaign, I again hit a number of different websites to try and get the word out about my book. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these websites are American – there is evidently a massive market of Kindle readers over in the States, but with my book being […]

I’m a Book Hippo Featured Author!

September stats
As a book that wasn’t designed for a specific audience, it’s been intriguing to see what sort of audience would find Dark Harbour. Another aspect to the book that I never specifically had in mind is its genre. With book websites needing to know the genre category though, the one […]

Finding an Audience

Joseph Kiel in the Sleaford Standard
March 2016 marked the release of the first of the Dark Harbour books as it was made available on Kindle, the paperback version following a few months later. During its promotional run, Joseph Kiel featured in his first newspaper articles in the Sleaford press, including the Sleaford Standard. Dark Harbour: […]

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