I’m a Book Hippo Featured Author!

During my October promo campaign, I again hit a number of different websites to try and get the word out about my book. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these websites are American – there is evidently a massive market of Kindle readers over in the States, but with my book being specifically English, I’ve also been keen to search out the British book-related websites. Book Hippo

One such British website that did catch my eye is one called Book Hippo, so I was keen to sign up here. I understood that they’re one of the bigger players in terms of eBook promotion (come on, they’re a hippo! Hippos are really big!) and so must be a great resource for UK writers and book readers.

I was thrilled to find that this time round I was accepted as a Book Hippo Featured Author, especially as they hand pick their authors (I can believe it – I wasn’t accepted last time round!) so massive thanks to the crew there!

You can check out my profile on their website by clicking on the image of the hippo, and make sure to have a look at the rest of the site which is updated daily with Kindle deals.

About Joseph Kiel

Joseph Kiel is an author from another dimension and writes tales about a mysterious seaside town called Dark Harbour amongst other stuff.